The Embassy of Sweden in collaboration with the National Gallery of Zimbabwe seeks 25 of Zimbabwe’s most talented photographers for a contest on progressive fatherhood.

The Vana Baba Vanhasi/ Obaba Balamhla/ Fathers of Today photographic competition, documents and showcases the roles of progressive fathers in Zimbabwe today and how fathers today relate to and interact with their children.

The project seeks to explore the roles of fathers in Zimbabwe and how their relationships with their partner and child(ren) have changed in the face of a changing, and progressively more gender equal, world.

The Jury will select 25 outstanding photographers from all cultures, all points of view, with no age limit. Awards include selected works to be exhibited at the National Gallery of Zimbabwe in November/ December and will include prize money for the best and second-best photos.
Deadline for submission is 7 November, 2016, read the submission guidelines here

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Winston Chaniwa

Winston Chaniwa

Winston is an aspiring photographer who currently does his photography through the brand Afri Photos. He has been doing photography for the past two years and has a passion for all forms of photography. He is the founder of Shutter Magazine and also currently runs a web design consultancy called Blaze Interactive which has been operating for the past 8 years.

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